Hi, I'm Rahul Jain ― Product Designer based in Los Angeles, currently designing enterprise software at Google.

Selected projects

Google Stadia

Designed early stage concept features, solving some of the biggest challenges in streaming media and games on online.

Coming soon

01/05 — Gaming
02/05 — Mobility

Pelikan Delivery

A mobile app to explore last mile logistics and UX around goods delivery with options like mobile lockers and curbside delivery.

Coming soon

Ecotour App

An augmented reality based interactive learning application to assist and engage students during educational field trips.

Coming soon

03/05 — Education
04/05 — Enterprise

MIPS Heathcare

Web app for physicians & healthcare advisors to track performance, quality of care and provide meaningful insights.

Coming soon

Smart Mirror

Conceptualized and prototyped an IOT based interactive smart mirror for tangible ambient information display.

Coming soon

05/05 — IOT Device