Google UX Internship

Building a new product with Google hardware design team



In summer 2018, I packed my bags and moved to San Francisco to begin a three month internship at Google’s Mountain View headquarters. I worked as a UX Design Intern with the Hardware design team where I was responsible for designing new features for an unannounced product.

I took the problem from a broad idea to high fidelity versions and prototyped the user interactions. I worked closely with several designers, researcher and engineers but mainly my amazing mentor Brian Pullen, who pushed me to grow as a designer and learn more about how to tackle a big problem and design a complete end-to-end flow.

Unfortunately, due to NDA I am unable to share any specific details about the project until the product launches publicly. If you have questions about my experience, feel free to shoot a message!

UX Design, Visual Design

May'18 - August'18
(13 weeks)

Tools Used:
Sketch, Principle, Framer

Concept Development, Rapid Prototyping, Storytelling


My Journey

Embrace Ambiguity

Move forward without knowing all the answers. Don’t wait for permission, always be consciously curious and proceed forward with the best intentions. Keep thinking and pushing new ideas.

Ask Right Questions

Even though many of the questions have no answers, but asking these questions have allowed me to better understand the scope, identify the opportunities and make sure I'm not creating new problems.

Prioritize Ruthlessly

Keep your designs simple. Don't overload users with too much information. Define your critical user journeys early in the process and question every step or screen you create.

Manage Feedback

Get feedback often and early in your design process. Don’t be afraid to show incomplete or unfinished work to your team. Be humble, and try to understand others’ point of view.